2006 Nissan Maxima

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The 2006 Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima was first introduced in 2003. It had a sports-car styling that proved very popular with the public. By 2006 the Maxima had been received as a very dynamic and well-styled automobile. Powered by a 265 HP V-6 engine with a five-speed automatic transmission, the Maxima was a family car built on a 111.2 wheelbase but its styling made it appear larger than it actually was. The car came with a standard Skyview roof and had large sculpted wheel openings giving it a "sporty" look.

Even though the Nissan Maxima had more road noise than expected, it served as a acceptable highway cruiser. The Maxima gave excellent ride quality although riders still felt some road bumps, but that's typical for such a sporty car response. The Maxima was more than capable in driving through curves. The 3.5 SE's five-speed-automatic transmission has extra-smooth gear changes and prompt reactions. The refined V-6 engine let the car cruise comfortably and pull away from other cars when required.

3 Reasons to Never, Ever, Ever Lease a Car

by Max Montane

The search for the right car can lead you across tall peaks and deep tunnels. Among a number of car-buying options, leasing a vehicle represents the easiest path to luxury without cash. There is a program that allows leasing of a Nissan Maxima through Nissan Finance and many Nissan customers have taken advantage. Instead of purchasing a vehicle, leasing allows car buyers to rent a car for a period of time. This makes it easier, if one chooses, to drive a Maxima or any other car in the Nissan line. Once a lease ends, renters end return the vehicle and begin their search all over again.

Many see leasing as an easy way to live above your means, and it is. But leasing also undercuts the chance to own a valuable piece of property and avoid monthly payments. Avoid leasing cars, if you can, and you may be able to pay for that luxury sedan in cash next time.

1. Money Out the Window

Leasing appears more advantageous in the short-term, but owning a vehicle offers long-term stability. Financial experts don't need some fancy formula to convince consumers to buy instead of lease, the principle is simple: leasing a vehicle is throwing away money. Obviously, the money spent on a vehicle lease serves a purpose, so the expression can't be taken literally. But money spent on monthly lease payments could be invested on a personally owned vehicle. Even if a vehicle depreciates in value, having ownership gives consumers another financial chip to hold as they build wealth.

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2. Stipulations

Deep-pocketed consumers may be able to shrug off the financial shortcomings associated with leasing a vehicle, but rented cars carry certain stipulations that often translate into inconveniences. Some dealers impose a mileage limit to prevent owners from wearing down a vehicle. You may be driving a fuel-efficient sedan, but unless you're prepared to pay overuse fees, that trip across state lines will have to wait. To further protect their vehicles, dealers sometimes require drivers to obtain expanded insurance. Those inexpensive car insurance quotes won't meet many lease agreement standards, so you'll be shopping for overprotection.

Whatever the terms, signing a lease agreement forms a bond that's difficult to break. With heavy early termination costs, having to move, losing a job or otherwise having to opt out of a lease has heavy consequences.

3. Credit Requirements

Car dealers entering into a lease agreement know the interested driver may be renting as a last resort, so they're likely to require high credit standards in order to qualify for a vehicle. Rather than risking late payment fees, financial insecure consumers may be better off purchasing a less expensive used car and avoiding the opportunity to further damage their credit.

The Financial Benchmark

The financial implications of leasing a car aren't dire, but opting for a rental agreement sets a standard for frivolous financial decision making. Leasing is a convenient, sometimes low-cost option that can keep you out of debt, but owned assets lead to long-term financial stability. For drivers looking for a short-term vehicle, leasing is a viable option, but habitual leasing leads to a cycle of wasted capital and unstable financial terms.

About the Author:
Max Montane says his first love was his dad's red and white 1960 Ford T-bird. He helped his dad replace the engine, transmission and timing belt. His first car, however, was a bright yellow 1975 VW bug named Rusty. He doesn't take it out for drag racing anymore, but it still can scream down the freeway like a bat out of hell.

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