2013 Nissan Altima

Front Left Gray 2013 Nissan Altima NYAS Photograph

The 2013 Nissan Altima

by Carmella Kubota

One of the leading cars for nearly a generation, the Nissan Altima continues to move off showroom floors into American garages and driveways. The revamped 2013 model is expected to reach similar high sales levels.

Because of this, Nissan remain a glowing beacon in a crummy economy, an affordable car for millions of Americans. It's time to recognize that Nissan's new Altima has at least four reasons to account for its brilliance during these tepid economic times.

Auto Show Preview

Today's motoring public know that car shows are an effective means of becoming acquainted with both new and old cars. For example, the Arizona Auto Show will be at the Phoenix Convention Center Nov. 22 to 25, 2012. This is where you can check the new Altima out right down to its tiniest detail, short of taking it for a test drive. But eager fans may be able to get a glimpse of the vivacious vehicle even sooner. Several Phoenix Nissan Peoria car dealerships will have 2013 Nissans on hand to view prior to the show. So too there will be many other car shows scheduled every year reflecting the progress of various car models.

Six different styles

The new Altima offers at least a half-dozen different price points that can work best with your budget. Three of the models come with a smaller, four-cylinder 2.5 L engine while the other three feature a larger, six-cylinder 3.5 L engine, SFGate.com reports.

You pay the smaller bucks for the smaller engine but get a bigger bang for your bucks with the larger. The 2.5 L version starts at $21,500 offers 182 hp and 180 ft lb of torque. Go for the 3.5 model and you get 258 ft lb of torque and 270 hp starting at $25,360. Three trim levels and three option packages are available with the 2.5 L engine and three trim levels and two option packages are available for the larger model.

Fuel economy and engine efficiency

As gasoline and oil prices seem to keep climbing, car drivers are more conscious of the cost of driving these days. No matter what price point or engine size you choose, top-range mileage is a key advantage in the 2013 Altima’s makeup. FutureCars.com notes the 2.5 L engine version has the highest efficiency in its entire class, with the four-cylinder engine netting 38 mpg on the highway, which is a better fuel efficiency rating than some of the more popular hybrids.

FutureCars credits the Altima’s continuously variable transmission, or CVT, as a big reason behind the amazing mileage, and World News Report agrees. It also notes the CVT features an advanced Xtronic system that offers top-notch efficiency without deterring from a seamless acceleration. One more efficiency boost comes from the vehicle’s electro-hydraulic power-steering system, which beats out the 100-percent hydraulic units while keeping the steering feel smooth and easy.

Good for the American economy

As the Nissan Altima and other Nissan vehicles are made in the US, more car manufacturing jobs get created, according to World News Report. That's good news for leaders in the states where Nissan has manufacturing facilities, as well as for the country as a whole.

Test drive a Nissan Altima at your nearest dealer this week, and help bring about a change in our economy!

About the Author:
Carmella Kubota spends her time teaching high school in Nevada. In her spare time, she enjoys writing auto mechanic pieces for local publications as well as blogs.

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