The Five Best Selling Cars in the UK

American drivers are used to seeing large vehicles on the road. There are many SUVs and Pick-Up trucks being driven on the streets of cities and small towns. While premium brands ranging from used Mercedes, BMWs and even Porsche are common in the US and overseas, many Americans would be surprised to see how many small cars there are in Europe. This is because the streets are narrow in many urban centers. Large cars and trucks are not able to maneuver the tight corners or find parking spots.

There are vehicles built for the European market that many North Americans have never even heard of. The smaller and more fuel-efficient cars are greatly favored in many European and other countries around the globe. Gasoline in overseas countries is often much more expensive than in North America. This is why fuel-efficiency in motor vehicles is prized so highly. Many people drive around on mopeds instead of using cars because of the lower cost of fuel in addition to the convenience and ease of parking. In the UK gasoline prices are about twice as high as they are in North America.

2011 Ford Fiesta

The top 5 selling cars in the UK up to and including November, 2011, were all fuel-efficient models with plenty of style. The number one car on the list is the Ford Fiesta with sales of 6195. This brings the total sales of 2011 to 90,701 so far. This is a very popular car that seldom falls off the best seller list. Ford is well known for its reliability and durability. American car drivers are not the only consumers who have fallen in love with the Ford brand. This car is a good choice for both European and North American drivers and the continued popularity of this brand can attest to its high-quality parts and assembly.

2011 Vauxall Corsa

The second most popular car on the list is the Vauxhall Corsa with sales of 5234 in November. This is a General Motors brand with which many Americans are not familiar. The car is another vehicle that is on the smaller side so it allows for easy maneuvering on narrow streets. Total sales for the year to date have been 72,493.

2012 Volkswagen Golf

Third on the list is the Volkswagen Golf. This German designed car is a familiar sight to many North American drivers. Known for its solid construction and long-lasting reliable performance, this car has been a best-seller for years. In the UK it sold 4295 units in November bringing total yearly sales to 59,337.

2012 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is the number four seller on the list and has sold 4910 units in the last month bringing total year sales to 77,785. While the total yearly sales are higher than the top selling vehicles for November, the overall sales have gone down by 11.3% for that month. This is why the Ford Focus is placed lower on the list.

2012 Ford Focus

The number five selling car for November 2011 is another Vauxhall model. This time it is the Vauxhall Astra with November sales of 4518 bringing the year-to-date sales to 57,719.

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