1958 Cadillac Series 62

Front left 1958 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Car Picture

How the Atmosphere of Car Services is Changing

by Steve Dearborn

Brilliant new ideas are changing the face of traditional car services, including car washing services, car dealership spas, and other services and options that make the experience a pleasure rather than a boring, time-consuming task. New services such as luxury car wash companies that provide customers with a cushy lounge, Wi-Fi, and a child-friendly play area are being established in the larger urban markets.

Add a barista who will make you your favorite coffee drink or snack and customers keep coming back.

Yes, customers like to be spoiled. Companies that cater the desire for special treatment and services are gaining traction and a following of loyal customers.

Luxury car dealerships are also getting involved in providing customers with special services to make getting a vehicle serviced or buying a new vehicle much more pleasurable. One notable example is a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Canada that has become the first to offer customers an on-site salon and spa with free manicures and hair styling while the customer waits for a car service. The dealership also offers a golf simulator, a café and baristas, and they have plans in the works to expand the property to include a movie theater for customers.

In the past, getting your car washed meant spending time at a seedy or rundown car wash and sitting and waiting – if they provide a bench – for your car to be returned to you, with virtually no amenities. You may have been able to buy a candy bar, or have a cup of the world’s worst coffee, but that was the extent of what was offered. It makes sense that customers flood into these newer luxury car washes that have made the effort to accommodate and gratify.

The classic auto shop, whether in a dealership, chain or an independent, comes with the stereotype of an auto technician with greasy coveralls, unkempt hair and a shop that is less than pristine. Sadly, this stereotype is not always far from the truth. These modern dealerships and auto shops allow you to take your vehicle to be serviced where you are comfortable, safe and with luxury services.

Keeping your vehicle maintained and clean is an important aspect of keeping your family safe, no matter where you choose to get these services. It is essential that your tires have adequate tread, brakes must be in top shape, and all auto safety systems maintained correctly. There are firms such as Sansone & Lauber that have the goal of promoting public safety, and by taking action to protect victims of negligent driving. You do all you can to keep your family safe, but it is impossible to completely avoid the risk of being involved in an accident with another driver who is could be driving drunk, speeding, distracted or is texting behind the wheel.

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