1934 Buick Model 41

Rear Right Blue 1934 Buick Model 41 Car Picture

What Does Your Car Reveal about Your Personality?

by Steve Dearborn

It might sound a little far fetched, but the car you drive could reveal more than you think about your personality and driving style. Like most things we purchase throughout our lifetime, especially big financial investments, we are more likely to choose something we like and reflects us. A vehicle purchase is no different. Based on your vehicle preferences, are you at greater risk of being involved in or causing car accidents?

The “Sporty” Car

For decades, it seems that the sportier the car, the more you are likely to get law enforcement’s attention (Think James Dean and his “rebel” ways). While the attention seeking “red car” is more of a myth, Forbes reports that some sporty cars are still at greater risk of getting pulled over than others, these cars include the Mercedes Benz-SL, Toyota Camry, and the Pontiac Grand Prix.

The Driver: Typically, the driver of a sporty car, is a middle-aged man or a 50 year old woman. Many drivers of a sports style car are risky drivers, others just like the way the car looks or makes them look. While not every driver of a Toyota Camry, for example, is prone to a speeding ticket or being pulled over for questionable driving, the driver is most likely a little “gutsy” and fearless.

Driving Behaviors: Driving behaviors associated with such cars have a tendency to be a little more reckless, a little more daring, perhaps aggressive, and a bit too confident. “Over 90,000 accidents, in a 10 year period in Memphis, were a direct result of careless and out-of-control driving,” says David Gordon Law. Many of these accidents could have involved a sports car.

The “Mini” Car

Over the last decade, mini cars have become more popular. With some exceptions to the Mini Cooper and some other similar models, compact cars are typically more affordable and more eco-friendly. Surprisingly, the infamous hybrid, the Toyota Prius made a Top 20 list for “Cars Most Ticketed”.

The Driver: Drivers of mini/compact cars range from first time drivers to college students to young professionals to senior citizens. A mini car driver most likely spends a lot of time commuting and decided to invest in an economical and eco-friendly vehicle.

Driving Behaviors: The drivers of a mini/compact car are most likely practical and not too competitive on the road. Having a smaller car forces a driver a little more aware of his or her surroundings and tries to stay visible on the road. While a mini car can be flashy, you’re less likely to encounter a “road raging” mini car driver.

The “Questionable Looking” Car

If you see a rusted out car driving down the highway or a minivan packed full of papers and other things that obstruct the driver’s view, follow and pass with caution. While cars are expensive and can be difficult to take care of due to financial hardship, they can also be dangerous on our roadways.

The Driver: The driver of an old, rusted, broken down car could be anyone (even you). They may be experiencing financial limitations or simply do not need an cosmetically flawless car. Before you judge, try to remember some of your past vehicles. Were they all great (or safe) as the one you have now?

Driving Behaviors: If a driver is operating a questionable looking car, he or she may be driving more slowly to prevent making an existing problem worse. Additionally, some cars that are in “rough shape” may be missing mirrors, have broken turn indicators, or bald tires. While the driver might be a perfectly fine driver, keep your distance and try to pay attention to what their next move.

Regardless of the car you choose to drive or are stuck driving, keep in maintained and follow the rules of the road. Don’t let your car make you target for a ticket or an accident.

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