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Ten Tips to Save on Fuel
By Sam Butterworth

Fuel costs continue to escalate and gas prices threaten to continue doing so as oil supplies dwindle and oil consequently become more and more expensive. People are also more conscious than they have been in the past about the environmental effects of driving cars that guzzle gas.

For these reasons an increasing number of people are conscious of the amount of gas they use and are trying to use less. The good news is that there are a number of ways to save on fuel, and 10 of those follow:

1) Slow it down

If you are concerned about burning through your fuel tank too quickly, the most simple answer it slow down. Reducing your driving speed will increase the economy of your vehicle dramatically. So if you’re not in a rush, ease off the pedal and relax and enjoy the journey.

2) Tyre pressure

Having your tyres inflated to the proper level is important as underinflated tyres are a common cause of excess gas usage. Tyres naturally lose air over time so make sure that you refill them every week or so, to ensure they don’t get too low and cost you in extra fuel.

3) Accelerate steadily

Getting off to a flying start may be fun for some people, but it will cost them when they come to refuel their car. Harsh acceleration wastes gas unnecessarily and can be avoided with a smooth takeoff.

4) Check the air filter

If your air filter is dirty it can restrict the amount of air getting into the engine. This compromises vehicle performance and can mean that more fuel is needed to keep your car going.

5) Cool off naturally

If you are a fan of air con then this is a way for you to save on your vehicle’s fuel bills. Air conditioning means that your car uses more gas than it would if you switched it off, so roll down the windows and breathe in some fresh air – and save.

6) Keep a steady pace

Stopping and starting and slowing and speeding up is a guaranteed way to burn through your fuel. Take a look at trucks and see how they seem to cruise along steadily, not at great speed, but not using excessive fuel either.

7) Don’t be a wide boy

You may think that big chunky tyres pimp up your car and make it look super-cool, but wider tyres will cost you more. Because there is more tyre there will be more resistance when driving, reducing fuel economy.

8) Keep your car light

If your car is full of old junk that you don’t need, get rid of it. Any extra weight in your vehicle means it needs more fuel to carry it all.

9) Downsize

If you want to immediately reduce your fuel costs you could just buy a smaller, more economical car. There are some great fuel-efficient autos on the roads today and hybrids could save you even more.

10) Ditch the car

If you’re travelling a short distance why not walk or go by bicycle? This is a great way to save fuel and it has the added bonus of getting you fitter.

Sam Butterworth writes for TM Coach Hire , a firm offering comfortable transport at competitive prices.

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